We have quite a stock of antique TVs.From the 1950s up selling as is this is just a taste prices range from $100.00 -$500.00  depending how rare the set is.Also a working Sony VCR with working 14" TV.the set together for only $100.00 see below.

The above Floor Model 1950s Television is very rare Made by CBS Columbia Model #22C09 is Complete no missing parts Selling as is $400.00 own a real piece of Television History.

The above sets are very rare have not seen these since the 1970s. They are both Admirals early 1950s first of the portable TVs.One with original manual from factory other with factory Schematic are all complete and in excellent shape for year selling as is, at a fair price of $500.00 Each. These Tvs can not be shipped sorry. For more info. call 519-357-4304.

The above is a real nice clean Sony VCR Hi - Fi Stereo with a good working 14" TV Playing The Lucy Show for only a $100.00 for the TV Set. + VCR a real deal. We have a lot of the great old shows on VHS such as Red Skeleton,Beverly Hillbillies,Bob Hope The 3 Stooges and many more for sale.They are all gone but are in our hearts and memory forever.

We have in stock other floor and table model TVs dating back to the early 1950s and over 25000 tubes & over 300 speakers.If you are restoring a Vintage Television we may be able to help you out .We also have Quite an assortment of vintage knobs remember we are always only a call away 519-357-4304 Shipping is always available for a fee.                                                     email  oldetymeradio@tnt21.com or snail mail  9 Queen Street Box # 1 Belgrave Ontario N0G1E0

Remember Delivery is always available for a fee in a 200 KLM. range you may even get it delivered in one of our fine restored Vintage Autos.If a weather friendly day.We are always only a call away 519-357-4304. 

Do not forget to click on the heading "This And That" at top of page many neat things For sale.Thank you for viewing our rare site.

The above is a 1960s black and white television  french provincal  cabinet floor model # M04201  in above average condition for year Made in Canada by Electrohome Industries Kitchener Ontario.Selling as is great for Movie set live theater ect. $300.00 could deliver for a fee.

This is a 1980s  Electrohome Blue Tube swivel base floor model selling as is for $125.00.

 These are the last of the floor model televisions. Both have the oak wood trim.The top one is Zenith the bottom one is Electrohome out of Kitchener Ontario notice the Blue Picture tube the picture would still stand out today.Both need repair selling as is for $150.00 each your choice.

 Do you remember the days it is your first Apt. late 1960-1970s and your first TV a black and white 14" Candle or Admiral or maybe a Philco. Some are in running order yet but we are selling them as is picked up.We have a good selection of these sets to choose from priced at $75.00 each your choice.Please call 519-357-4304 with your needs can be shipped for a fee.

Remember we may have that rare tube you need to restore your old television we are only a call away 519-357-4304 Email oldetymeradio@tnt21.com.

 This 5" Pulser Colour TV runs on AC or battery works great has nice picture for the size with Monitor,UHF& VHF hookup Model  # 45-2005-2 Made in Korea for Canadian Tire with ear Phone jack hookup on back for DVD player $125.00