The above Phones were in storage for many years some with the original cloth cords.Some with the plug in for our modern jack today all priced from $50.00 - $100.00 depending on colour and how rare.Shipping is available for a fee.

 Very Rare 1962 Two Tone Northern Electric Model # 701B Dial Phone $75.00 Shipping and Handling $20.00 Expidite + HST on Shipping

Remember shipping is always an option on the smaller pieces by  Expidite Post  for safety for the larger ones if a weather friendly summer day you might get it delivered by one of our Vintage Autos. Cost depends on distance for delivery.Thank You For Viewing Our Rare Sight.Click on all the headings and take a walk down memory lane .

 This is a restored working Stromberg Carlson Telephone just plug it into your existing Phone Jack and relive the past.Turn the crank and the bells still ring and you can still listen in to the town gossip in your own home remember the days priced at $600.00 + HST. We will also restore your phone to the same as this one. Cost to restore your Antique Phone depends on parts needed for restoration plus we have the Northern Electric & Stromberg -Carlson Decal for the case in stock.

 The brown dial phone is rare and out of the 1970s was called a Contempra was in many well off homes selling for $125.00.Now the black one was in many homes in the 1960s - 1970s .Always call ahead as stock does come and go.

 Mickey Mouse Phone well made by AT&T Receiver has volume control on side plus pulse or tone.Nice set in excellent condition for year no cracks or blemishes $65.00 + HST could ship for $20.00 shipping and handling Expidite Parcel + HST. on Shipping.

We have many styles of older phones 1930s-1970s to meet your needs and wants $50.00 - $300 like the small wooden wall Phone above once used on a train in the 1930s to place meals in the dinning car $350.00. Or we will restore your phone to good working order.