We Check Our Phone Messages And Emails On A Regular Basis.Thank You For All Your Business in 2023,Wish You All The Best In 2024. Please Call A head 519-357-4304 or email us at oldetymeradiocentre@gmail.com.If you Leave A Message on the store Phone. We check it on a daily basis. Please Speak Loud And Clear and leave your number twice. All of our wooden cabinet radios have all been restored inside and out and are in fine working order.They range in price from $575.00-$800.00 +HST for the wooden table models. $1000.00 -$2000.00 +HST for the floor models all have had many hours of restoration.There are also some rare bake-lite and plastic radios out of the 1940s - 1960s ranging in price from $375.00 - $2000.00.The rarest being the Addison below.We will also restore your treasured Antique Radio to the same fine working order with your cabinet and all restored.We also have a stock of over 700 radios in the rough waiting restoration so there is lots of choices.We have in stock over 30,000 tubes Radio & Television,Amp Ect. Also many Knobs for old TVs and Auto Radios so if you are in need we are always just a call away 519-357-4304 or email...........        oldetymeradiocentre@gmail.com............... Always call ahead if coming to view our very rare shop.Thank you for viewing our rare site.

This very rare radio is called Silver Marshal Was made in Toronto Ontario in 1929.It plays very well for nearly 100 years old has AM only and has had a total Restoration & rebuild of all with many hours invested a real labour of love. Has quite a history behind it.Selling for a very fair price of$1800.00. Delivery can be arranged for a fee if needed.

The above unit is a 1953 AM & Shortwave Radio with Phono that plays 33,45 and 78 Records. Silvertone sold by Simpson Sears Toronto.Was very popular after the war years.Has had a total restoration many hours. Unit works very well notice the solid brass pulls on front. Selling at a fair price of $1500.00 + HST.The clock is from The Netherlands came to Canada in my suitcase all serviced by our shop for $425.00 +HST Delivery and set up is available for a fee.

 This is a very rare Electrohome set   Model Phonola made in Kitchener Ontario.Real unique dial on top of the cabinet with Am & Shortwave all restored ready to play your great oldies station 740 AM and yes its A Stereo Station.Many Hours of Restoration $1500.00 + HST.

This is a very very rare 1929 Sparton radio by the Sparton Radio Company U.S.A. Very Beautiful set with much detail given to the cabinet would not have been in a regular home in its day would have been the price of a Model A Car could be one of the only one of its kind in Canada. I have Restored the Cabinet But the radio has all the original Tubes Ect. from Factory untouched great for a collector wanting a radio chasis untouched $2000.00 + HST.

 This rare 1929 Deforest Crosley Cathedral radio was made by Rogers Radio Corp. Toronto but the cabinet was made in Owen Sound by Imperial Cabinet Corporation long since gone all restored many hours spent $675.00 + HST.

Very Collectible Philco Cathedral AM Radio Receiver Model # 20A  year  1931 All Restored Ready for your home $600.00 + HST.

The Above is a 1948 Philco Radio and Record Player combination Model #46-1203 Burl Ives may have had one in his home all restored ready for your home $700.00 + HST.

 This  Addison is a very rare radio it is the only one that has the Catylyn look in this model above is the only one we have in over 700 radios is sought after worldwide made in Toronto Ontario and not exported.The rarest of all addison radios built.It is the first of the plastic catylyn radios of the 1940s has no cracks and is in great condition for its age with original knobs ect. The radio has been restored to original and is in fine working order selling for a fair firm price of $2000.00 + HST  .Personal delivery could be arranged in a 200 mile area for a fee to be arranged.The full amount including taxes and delivery charges must be deposited into our Bank Account before delivery.These radios can not be shipped as they are very rare & if cracked are worth half their value sorry.

 This 1940s Genaral Electric Catilon Plastic radio was to look like the radio above but never got as collectible maybe someday selling for $300.00  + HST all restored in fine working order.

Thomas Museum Series Reproduction AM And FM Radio with Cassett Deck to Play your Old Radio Shows Which we sell.All Plays Very Well $200.00.Loves To Play 740 AM Oldies.

 Reproduction 1932 Crosley Am & FM model #317  radio with Cassette player in nice light oak cabinet great sound $125.00 Plus HST could ship $35.00 + HST=$39.55 shipping & handling Expidite + HST  on Shipping.12 1/2" high 10"wide 7"deep.

 There are always lots of novelty radios to choose from ranging in price from $25.00 - $200.00 + HST depending how rare and collectible.

 Very rare cabbage patch doll transistor radio in excellent working order.$50.00 + HST.

 We always have a great variety of Transistor Radios some just AM some AM & FM some Battery & Ac others just Battery your choice price depends how collectible they are $50.00 -$200.00 + HST.Remember we are always just a call away 519 357-4304 or email       oldetymeradiocentre@gmail.com

The above unit is a 1980s larger Gheto Blaster With AM & FM with Two Short Wave Bands all play Excellent.Set is in very good Condition for Year.Has A Dolby Stereo Cassette Player/Recorder but it needs repair .Loves to Play AM 740 for all you Boomers out There.You can own This Piece Of Radio History Today For Only $200.00 .Delivery can be arranged for a fee.

Quite a variety of older Hamm Equipment, CB Radios, Short Wave Radios most are tube type selling as is may work may not this is just a photo to give you an idea some may already have been sold $200.00 -$500.00 Each.Personal Delivery in one of our fine Vintage Autos Can Be Arranged for a fee.Thank You For Viewing Are Rare Business And Site.

 The Lord said  36 years ago you build it and they will come.Thank you for doing just that and making the business the success it is today. WOW 1988 - 2024 36 years Later TYJ.

The Radio above is a very Rare Philco Radio Water Fall Model # 39-340A AM & Shortwave Radio Receiver year 1938 Many Hours of Restoration.Many Listened to this very set when The Second World War Was being fought on the short wave on the BBC out of England $1700.00 + HST

 1927 Northern Electric Model # 59 NE  AM radio reciever with beautiful burl walnut front and black walnut doors.Made by the same company that made the old wooden wall Telephones. All restored at a great price of $1000.00 + HST.

 1936 AM & Shortwave radio receiver made by The Rogers Radio Company Toronto  Deforest Crosley Model The Alpha 6D471 Beautiful rare round dial in nice walnut cabinet.All restored and ready to play  oldies 740 AM in your home priced to sell at $1000.00 + HST.

1942 Rare General Electric Table Model Radio # L-640 Am And Shortwave Radio Receiver Manufactured in The USA By The General Electric Company Bridge Port Conn. Own a Piece From The Great Past Of Radio Today $675.00 .

The above Radio is a 1943 Westinghouse Table Model # 675 AM & Shortwave Receiver With Phono Jack for Record Player.Many would have listened on the Shortwave to World War Two out of England or all over Europe.Own a piece of the Golden Age Of Radio Total Restoration $575.00 +HST.

 The above radio is very rare and has had a total restoration of cabinet and radio it is a 1938 Stromberg-Carlson notice the fancy work on corners of cabinet. Table model #952 H AM & Shortwave Radio Receiver has excellent Shortwave $600.00 + HST.This is the model we had in our home when I was a boy growing up in the Village of Paisley I will have my 74 TH birthday  Dec. 30, 2024 so I really enjoyed this restoration.

 The radio above is a very rare and collectible General Electric Tombstone 1932 AM & Short Wave radio receiver with rare Mahogany front and top.Many hours of restoration and a nice piece of the" Golden Age Of Radio" $675.00 +HST.

1937 Philco Tombstone Model 37 - 61 Am & Shortwave Radio Receiver Made in Toronto $575.00 + HST. Many listened to this exact model during the Second World War.

1941 Steward Warner Am & Shortwave Radio Receiver Rare Set With The Ivory Dial & Push Buttons & Company Logo On Knobs $575.00 + HST.

 This is a radio Telephone built by the Guild Radio company in California called the Country  Bell take receiver off to turn on.Dial is on side turn crank to tune in 740 Am and listen to your favorite old radio show every week night between 10:00 & 11:00 PM.This rare radio was never exported to Canada is all restored selling at a  fair price of $500.00 + HST. Shipping and handling in Canada Only at a price to be decided. 

Very Rare Shelf or Wall 1947 AM Clock Radio By The Jewel Radio Corporation Feb.28,1947.Model # "Pin Up" One of the First in Plastic of this Type All Restored Clock And Radio Work Great No Cracks in Cabinet Own this rare Piece Today only $500.00.Delivery By one of our Fine Vintage Autos can Be Arranged for a fee.

The Above Clock Radio is very Collectible Table Model #D 25 Made by The Crosley Radio And Television Company Limited Toronto Ontario .Has been all restored in our Shop and is in Fine Working Order Clock And Radio at a cost of $300.00 Asking a Firm Price of $500.00 could be delivered for a Fee.This is A must for The Man Or Lady with A Crosley Vintage Car or A 1953 Chevrolet car front of Radio like the Dash.Own a very Rare Collectible piece Today.

The above radio is a 1951 Rogers Majestic Table Model # R 151 Am Radio Receiver Made In Toronto Ontario By Rogers Majestic Radio Corporation.The first of the Plastic radios.The paint is a little scratched but it is nearly 71 years old has had a Total Rebuild and plays very well great sound.Loves to play  740 AM Toronto Priced to sell for $275.00. 

 There are always a good variety of Plastic and Bakelite table model radios from the 1940s -1960s at $250.00 -$500.00 + HST depending how rare & collectible. Also some very rare die cast cars For Sale.

This Panasonic Model # RX-4930 1980s Gheto Blaster has AM & Fm with Auto Stop Cassette in fine working order in excellent condition for year only $125.00 +HST Shipping is always available for a fee.

Citizen Gheto Blaster Rare Am & FM Radio with Cassette and 4: 5" Back And White Television Model# JCTR 120 Made In Taiwan with 12 Volt Adapter Also runs on Batteries. Am radio And Casette need some care but TV lights up so think it is okay.FM works real good selling as is for $100.00 could ship or deliver for a fee.

If you are looking for a Radio or Television to restore yourself in the rough we have over 700 Antique radios and Televisions to choose from with 30,000 tubes both radio,TV, Amps Ect. We may have that rare TV knob you need for a Restoration.We are only a call away 519-357-4304 or email us at          oldetymeradiocentre@gmail.com or snail mail The Olde Tyme Radio Centre 9 Queen Street Box # 1 Belgrave Ontario NOG1E0. We Look Forward to hearing from you.Thank you for viewing our rare site.Wow 36 Years In Business and still going strong 1988 - 2024. Thank You Jesus For Our Health And Protection And Your Answered Bench Prayers.