We Bought this Trailer and used it very little as my wife was unable to go Camping.So we stored it inside on a wooden Floor in 2019 and just brought it out to sell.It is a 2009 Trail- Lite Model By R-Vision 22 Foot Never Smoked in Or Abused  And is like new inside and out.I have lots of photos I can Email.It is fully Equiped to go camping and all goes with the Trailer Has Air And All Fully Loaded Price Is Firm $15000.00.We are retiring from Camping.This unit must be seen to be Appreciated.After Covid They are made cheaper to cover the Cost Increase to Build.Trailer is Stored For Winter But Would Like To Meet You In The Spring.

New Old Stock Horn Button to fit 1967 - 1972 Chev. Pickup,Panel ,Suburban ,Van $50.00 I needed the GMC one.

Genuine Leather Coat Made In Canada By Roots Canada For Ford Dealers Across Canada in Excellent Condition $250.00 over $500 new.

Antiquie Tools some are rare and hard to find selling Job Lot for $125.00.

Above are three very rare pieces of time gone by.Antique Gas Pump needs Restored$125.00 Antique Air Compresser needs restored $125.00 Vintage Jucuzzi Water Pump needs restored $125.00 or Job Lot For $325 a real deal.

The Above are 1950s 16 MM Movies on Metal Reels in very good condition $35.00 Each or Take Them all for $250.00 a very good price for rare pieces.Could Ship Expidited Post but cost would be higher as they are heavy well made.

Chandelier with leaded glass panes with Tinted Glass on bottom border & Top Border.Very Expensive when new in like new condition a Real Deal at only $200.00.

1950s Clay Flower Pots with one Clay Drip Tray Set For $35.00 or $15.00 Each.Could Ship But Heavy And Fragile.

Miracle Mate Vacumm Cleaner Company Power Head Electronic Brush for Carpets Ect. Model # ET 350 E Stein Company Made In Germany works well$100.00. 

The above is a Singer Treddle Sewing Machine from the turn of the 19th century.Was converted to electric but can run both ways.Selling as is for $200.00 unit is complete with original Manual Selling as is may need service to run on electric and belt to run manually.

This very rare Childs Walker Trike1950s is all restored very solid piece $200.00

 Rare water colour over Photo of The Dion Quintes dated 1935 in original frame $200.00 when is the last time you seen one?

 The Dion Quintes playing a Tea Party 9 or 10 years old this is a copy $50.00 very rare piece.

We have a number of older CB radios for Home and Auto some Tube Type some Solid State selling as is.The above being a solid state Citizen 23 channel Sorry it is Sold but there are lots to choose from."we are only a call away 519-357-4304

 We have quite a variety of older and newer books dating back into the turn of the century & 1800s.The Royal Family and on 911.The life Magazine pictured is dated Sept. 22nd 1947.If you are an avid collector of older books we may be able to help prices range from $10.00 & up depending how rare.Shipping can be arranged but books are heavy so cost may be high. 

 This Rare  older lamp above is for the person who really loves red in good working order only $50.00 could ship in Canada for $50.00.

 This is a 1940s RCA tube movie projector with separate speaker with floor standing screen selling as is $200.00 A Great Deal for the collector.

 This is a 1960s Ford car hauler if you have the cars a great price at $200.00 very solid & rare.

We have one older wall safe made in the USA likely around 1960s need the key closed at precent. But any locksmith could help was open and got closed very solid $75.00.

 We have about 200 TV Ect. Remote controls mostly factory name brand many of the older style not the newer TVs selling for $5.00 each

 We have a little of everything in our two showrooms.Even old bottles some medicine some milk Ect. Ect. a must to see for any collecter or Historian.

 We have a number of old metal microphones as in photo Realistic Ect. Selling as is $50.00 each or all five for $200.00. Can Ship Expidited Post For $20.00.

 This is a Beaver Bubble Gum Machine it is all complete with $11.00 worth of Bubble Gum.Takes one cent coins it is missing the key and the front flap door were the Bubble Gum comes out it is a mixture of metal and plastic construction gum holder is glass in nice clean condition out of the late 1960s $100.00 and you may be the new proud owner.

 The above is a custom built Professional model Leather Out fielders Glove with deep set pocket.The Pro Sports Master # 533 Made In Japan.Top Grain supreme steer hide Pro Light Weight Model 1970s  Vintage  $50.00 Could Ship Expidited Post for $20.00.

 The above are two ladies bikes out of the 1960s they are the rare three speed in the hub type both very solid but both need work selling for $75.00 each your choice. All our bikes are stored inside.

 The above is a Cherokee Trick or Stunt bike would need very little to be in good operating condition tires are like new notice the shocks on front forks very solid bike yours for only $100.00.

 The above is a old Vagabond gear bike that needs some work but very solid $50.00 and it could be yours.

The above ladies Bike is a T. Eatons Road King out of Toronto the Mens is sold just have the ladies needs some work to be road worthy but well worth $75.00 a very solid piece.

This is a rare piece of Test Eqipment that would have been found in a garadge in the late 1950s-1960s selling for $100.00 as is.

 The smaller pieces we would be able to ship Expidited Post.The larger pieces would have to be delivered if you are in a 200-300 Klm. range.If it was a nice weather friendly day you may get it delivered by one of our fine vintage autos.Thank you for viewing our website.You may always contact us by phone 519-357-4304 by email oldetymeradio@tnt21.com or by snail mail The Olde Tyme Radio Centre 9 Queen Street Box # 1 Belgrave Ontario N0G1E0

WOW 36 years 1988 -2024 and still going strong. Just a little slower hard to believe Gary Wayne Clayton born Dec.30th 1950 to Bruce & Doris Clayton RR#3 Paisley Ontario.Also Former Owner of Garys Burger Haven Paisley Ontario for nearly Ten years. Thank You Jesus for the memories & my Health and your protection.

Wanted 1929 - 1931 Chevrolet Two Door Coach only must be fully Restored inside and out.Must have 6 Cylinder Steel Wheels Juice Brakes and two Matching Tail Lights for Flashers and cowl lights for Flashers like the 34 Chev. on Front and certified.Have cash for right car at right price.

If you are a collector of memories of Dale Earnhardt the above are a must to have.The carving is a Kim Murray carving very well done and rare.His very last race priced at $200.00.The clock is metal painted red enamel and is Battery operated Quartz at $75.00.Also a calendar on the year he died $15.00.The book of His Life is Sold Sorry.Shipping is available for a fee.

If you are a collector of vintage Dolls we may be able to help priced at $50.00 and up.Some are very rare all are in like new condition Even the ones out of the 1950s. They could be shipped Expidited Post for a Fee.

This rare young Lady in the Rocker is very well detailed right down to her Period Glasses holding on to her prize Teddy Bear priced at a fair price of $175.00 with the Mahogany wood Rocker.With all of her Friends around her.And a very rare Boy Doll 1960s riding a small Tricycle out of the 1950s all restored for the both priced $150.00.These can all be shipped or delivered in one of our fine restored Antique Autos for a Fee..

Notice The Big Bear on His wooden Potty all refinished by our shop .There is also a magazine holder on the side with a copy of Old Autos News Paper out of Bothwell Ontario.He And his Potty are priced at $150.00.Also can be shipped in Canada Only for a fee or delivered by one of our fine Restored Antique Autos.

This is our winter Bear Family Mum & Dad & son much detail given.Priced at $100.00 for the Family.Can be shipped in Canada only.Or delivered by one of our fine restored Autos for a Fee.

 The above is a replica of a minature  childs Fire Truck peddal car well made and detailed.About 30 years old new stock priced at $75.00 Can Ship For $20.00.

 We even have some old toys the auto hauler on top has a load of very collectible Canadian Tire Trucks from the past and the Grey Hound moving van is out of the 1950s is sold sorry but there is more for sale.

 The above is doll out of the 1800s with period wicker carriage in excellent condition selling as a set only $500.00.Could be delivered for a fee.

 We have over 300 speakers in stock the above are 12" with original cartons the pair for $100.00 Could ship Expidited post for $20.00 Each speaker.Remember we are only a call away 519-357-4304

The Above is a Blue Ray  CD System Panasonic Model # SB-HF760  Speaker System Impedence 3 OHM Input Power 125 Watts Max System Number TN8EA022507 comes with manuals and all hook up cables complete unit selling as is $175.00. Delivery available for a fee.

This Yamaha CE Model # NX-E700 Am & Fm Receiver with CD Player with Matched Speakers 60 HM, Input 40 Watts with Maximum of 110 Watts. Muti Outputs on back for surround Sound with input for head phones with timer.Great Set in like new condition Great Price only $200.00.

The above Amp. is an Audio Reflex AM & FM Stereo Amp Receiver Model # AR-164 High End Set in its day.With Hook up for four Speaker System with two tape inputs takes 8 OHM speakers.Has Both AM & FM outside Ant. Hookup selling as is $125.00.

The Above is a Kenwood AM & FM Stereo Receiver Model # KR-A4060 Has lots of hookups has AM & FM outside Ant. Hookup with Tape, Video, CD, And Phono Hookup selling as is $125.00.

 Hard to find rare 5U4GT- 6AS4GT & 6AS7GT Pop Bottle Type Tubes Westinghouse,Rogers,RCA,Marconi,Fleetwood,Sylvania,GE & National Union Regular style $20.00. Pop Bottle Style$25.00 Each.Can ship in Canada Expidited Post $20.00.

 These are old style pop bottle type 6L6GT very rare and hard to find.Also have a variety of 6L6 Metal Tubes Marconi,Westinghouse & Rogers selling for a fair price of $20.00 Metal $25.00 Glass each can ship expidited Post in Canada for $20.00. 

6L6C Tubes Made In Japan New Old Stock Tested Ready To Install selling as pair $70.00.Matched Pair New Old Stock of Industrial Tubes 6550A Westinghouse Hamilton Canada on Carton Selling as set $80.00.

New Old Sock Industrial 6146  1 Tungsol 1 Westinghouse $40.00.

Three Matching 5Y3T Tubes New Old Stock Made In USA selling as set $80.00 For Three.

We have many high gain made in Canada USA & Europe 12AU7,12AT7,12AY7,6SN7, 12SN7,Ect. Ect.We have over 25,000 Tubes in stock to make your Guitar Amp,Radio,TV, Hamm Equipment Ect. sound real sweet any of the above priced $20.00 each all others range from $10 - $40.00 depending on how rare the tube is all our tubes are new old stock made in Canada,USA,Great Britain,Germany come and view and enjoy.

 We have about twenty Player Piano Rolls in stock in original cardboard cases turn of the 19th century in excellent condition for age at a fair price of $25.00 each.Or all job lot for $200.00

 We have many neat pieces like this solid brass candle holder all polished and  metal laquered to never tarnish again $125.00 We have many brass pieces like the one above or we will do the same to your candle sticks or Brass or Silver Pieces.Notice the figure skates in backround blades made in Eagland not china.

Very Rare B&K Vintage Television Analyst Model #1076 By B&K Manufacturing Company Chicago Illinois USA 60 cps at 117 volts all complete no rust selling as is $200.00

This is early 1900s Silver Plated Salt & Pepper & Butter Plate All Polished $ 125.00

 1940s one of the first electric cash register needs total restoration do not have key $100.00

For all the old movie buffs we have at present two VHS-VCRs in good working order one a Samsung at $50.00 plays well has no forward or reverse.One Phillips - Magnavox all works well with factory owners manual $75.00 each both are selling with no remotes. Also to save your VCR motor a VHS-VCR Rewinder Kinyo Model UV-420 $25.00,These Items can be shipped if needed for $20.00.

 The Old Copper Boiler And the old Kettle have been polished and laquered to never tarnish again.The Copper Boiler is $225.00 no dents in Excellent Condition for year and the Kettle is $50.00.We will Polish and laquer  your Brass Pieces to never tarnish again and look the same.Please inquire we are always just a call away 519-357-4304 or email oldetymeradio@tnt21.com        or snail mail 9 Queen Street Box #1 Belgrave Ontario N0G 1E0

 We have quite a variety of reel to reel tape players from 1950-1980s selling as is from $100.00 - $200.00 depending on make and quality.All are complete no missing parts but selling all as is.

We also have a real good assortment of Reel To Reel Recording Tapes Some New In The Cartons Some Used In The Cartons $12.00 Each your choice & Some Empty Reels $5.00 Each

 We have a number of rare old shows on VHS  Bob Hope, Red Skeleton,Beverly Hillbillies,I Love Lucy,The three stooges and many more. All ranging in price from $7.00 - $10.00 each depending how rare.Remember we are always just a call away (519)-357-4304 or email oldetymeradio@tnt21.com Shipping is always available for $20.00 + HST.

We have at present some Electric Typewriters like one above and also a rare Eatons Viking Manual one like one above stock is always changing they range in price from $75.00 - $125.00 depending how rare it is shipping is always available.

 If you are looking for something different you have come to the right sight.Ask we just may have what you have been looking for maybe for years just ask we are only a call away. 519-357-4304 or email us  oldetymeradio@tnt21.com                         or snail mail us at 9 Queen Street Box # 1 Belgrave Ontario N0G1E0