The above is a 1905 Victor Talking Machine Company Gramophone Made In Camden New Jersey USA Model # VVFV1 Serial Number # 177737 in excellent original finish on cabinet just polished.The Motor and Turntable are all restored to fine working order.Own a piece of history for $1000.00. Delivery Available for a fee.

The unit above is very rare in like new condition made by Electohome 1970s Model # Deauville in Kitchener Ontario it has a AM & FM radio with eight track player and a Dual #1225 Record Player plays 33 & 45 RPM records this is a very powerful Stereo in fine working order, Cabinet is French Provincial solid Maple very heavy well made unit, top of the line in its day well worth the $200.00 Price Tag.Delivery can be arranged for a fee.

The Above Is a Zenith Floor Model Stereo Model #Allegro Sound System With AM & FM Radio With Record Player Plays 33,45 & 78 RPM Records Unit also has a eight track player that needs a new belt to run unit runs well has great sound Bass & Trebble Priced to sell at only $125.00 Delivery Possible for a Fee.

The Above Zenith Stereo Model #1S4041 has great sound with matching 8 OHM wooden speakers has AM & FM radio with 3 Speed Record player plays 33,45 & 78 records with a working eight track.Also has a cassett player works but has low volume.Great Vintage Sound at a fair price of $125.00.Just go ahead treat yourself and enjoy your records with all the great memories.Delivery can be arranged for a fee.

The above is a very rare piece in my 50 years of collecting have never seen one, purchased in the USA. 1960s  Penncrest  Model #4101B Phono viewer with rare picture disks & books set has been serviced by our shop and all works fine plays 33 & 45 RPM records with light saver when only playing records $175.00 firm.

 I would not be who I am today if I did not come from good stock.From left to right my Dad John Bruce Clayton,Uncle Elmer Clayton,Uncle Everret Clayton and uncle George Brennan married to my Aunt Frieda Hellen Clayton all gone but forever in our hearts.The Three Brothers were all very musical and all played different instruments .Thank you for taking the time to read and view our very rare Site.Thank You Jesus For All The Great Memories and my Health to Enjoy Them.

I am so thankful for the Health And Strength All These years To Operate The Business.  And Thank My Lord And Savior Jesus Christ Who Deserves All The Praise And Honour. 1988-2024 36 Years.

 This gramophone is solid quarter cut oak  cabinet and insides all restored ready to play your vintage 78 RPM records in your home 1917 one of the last before hydro $1000.00. Delivery could be arranged for a fee.

 The two records above of Burl Ives are very rare in excellent condition one early in His career one later your choice $25.00 each

 We have many oldies,big band,classical ect. cassettes. Also old radio shows Amos & Andy ect.  for you to cruise by in your vintage autos Priced at  $7.00 Each. Some are very hard to find today.Pictured here is a Elvis collection in excellent condition.Also the Beach Boys and many others we are only a call away (519)-357-4304 or email

 We have a stock of  records 33,45,78, RPM many different artists and types of music ranging from $2.00 - $75.00 Have one Vouge Picture Record out of the 1930s sorry no folder but in excellent condition $75.00 very rare & collectible.

 We have over 3000 eight track tapes many have been rebuilt selling at $5.00 each for Beach Boys Ect. Just run of the mill are $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00.Also have in stock restored eight track players home and auto $75,00 - $125.00.

 We have quite a variety of 1960s-1980s reel to reel tape players all selling as is and all complete from $100.00 - $200.00 Many makes and models the price is depending on how rare make and quality also have some tapes as well for sale.

 This is a tribute to my Aunt Frieda (Jo) Brennan Formally Frieda Hellen Clayton did you know her or her husband George of Mount Pleasent near Brantford Ontario.My Aunt and her son Rick Brennan composed the first version of Strawberry Wine on the Auto Harp.She was known as Queen of the Auto harp.My Father Bruce Clayton from Paisley will always be my King of the Mandelyn Harp that he made himself.They are all Deceased but I am so thankful for the memories.TYJ

 You may have your choice of the 45 RPM record Strawberry Wine for $5.00 or the 33 RPM long play record alblum for $20.00 both are new in Plastic never played can ship Expidite Post for $12.00 + HST=$13.56 please inquire.Remember we are always just a call away (519)-357-4304 or email or snail mail The Olde Tyme Radio Centre 9 Queen Street Box # 1  Belgrave Ontario N0G1E0.Thank You for viewing our site and my Family All gone but forever in our hearts and memories.

 If you think we do not have what you are looking for ask we may just have that article you have been looking for many years.Remember we are just a call away 519-357-4304 email oldetymeradio@tnt or snail mail 9 Queen Street Box # 1 Belgrave Ontario N0G1E0

 Shipping by Expidited Post is always available for the smaller items.For the larger items we will deliver in a 200 KLM range for a fee to be arranged.If a nice weather friendly day you may even get it delivered by one of our restored vintage Autos.Remember we are always only a call away 519-357-4304.                  Email:                         Snail Mail: The Olde Tyme Radio Centre 9 Queen Street Box # 1 Belgrave Ontario N0G1E0